1Way Messaging

You can bypass all those calls and voicemail messages with SkyTel’s 1Way Paging. When it’s not the right time or place for your phone, SkyWord® and SkyPager® get the job done -- instantly and hassle-free. And for businesses and governments who utilize SkyTel’s 1way messaging service, communicating critical, time-sensitive information with mobile teams is not only easy, it’s a very cost effective solution.


SkyWord® Text Paging

You’ll get the word with SkyWord up to 240 characters per message, delivered directly to your pager wherever you are. With SkyTel’s industry—leading, high capacity network, you can count on our unmatched reliability.

They don’t need a phone to page you—Colleagues, customers, friends and family can send you messages via e-mail, from their computer or the SkyTel website,  or even from a SkyTel 2Way pager.

SkyPager® Numeric Paging

SkyTel also offers the world’s leading numeric paging service.  Get the numbers you need instantly—whether you’re looking for a phone number, sales figures, or the score of last night’s game.

They dial, you get the page—Your contacts can send you a page from anywhere in the U.S., simply by dialing SkyTel toll-free. SkyTel's 1Way Paging Services include, with no extra fees: